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Rex Downing
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  1. A great internet presence: Your home will not only be featured on our user friendly website with a downloadable flyer and photo slideshow, but it will also be featured on all of the major Real Estate websites and search engines, such as, Trulia, and more. You will receive weekly reports tracking web activity for your listing.

  2. A great Open House presence: We prepare promotional materials, spread the word, and make your home easy to find on open house days. During the open house you can be sure that factual questions about your home are answered. We put visitors at ease, allowing them to explore on their own terms - and let the house sell itself. Since most serious buyers are working with Realtors, it is important that we make your house easy for agents to see, so we organize Broker's Open Houses so that the agent community can become familiar with your home's features.

  3. Response Protocol: Whether from Realtors, members of the public - or you! - we answer phone calls, e-mails and text inquiries about your home immediately. Requests for viewing appointments are accommodated quickly. We actively solicit feedback from those who have viewed your property and keep you in the loop.

  4. Word of Mouth: Informational and social events will get people talking about your listing. We routinely hold events and seminars at our listings such as a "How to fix up your fixer and keep the charm" seminar featuring an expert in design for historic homes. We attend the weekly meeting for Metro Area Realtors not only to promote your listing but to gather intelligence on who might have a buyer for your home. Rex also shares information with a "master mind" group of experienced, prominent realtors.